Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WhiteHatBox Software Botchief Topic How to Let Bot to Execute on a Specific Date and Time

The Topic
I've added 2 string variables for scheddate and schedtime on a form but I'm not sure how to use these string variable or some other functionality to obtain the RunWebSubmitModule to execute at the specific date and time.Copy WhiteHatBox 35% off Coupon Click to Reveal
Add a RunCSharpCode command, See the Bellow ScreenShot.WhiteHatBox Coupon

I just made a simple project with a module, a variable called "date", an action with the c# code from the other thread, WhiteHatBox Coupon a "show variable" action and passed the result into the variable and the date and time showed fine. Make sure you filled out each of the fields and included the code exactly as provided.

I'm putting the code here to make copying and pasting easy: 
using System;
namespace TestNameSpace
public class TestClass
public static string TestMethod()
return DateTime.Now.ToString();
Do not forget to complete the namespace, course and method name areas, and save the effect to the adjustable you want to buy kept in. I am hoping this can help :-)

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