Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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Because of the wrong task settings, many users from TAP4 cannot run their task normally. Here we suggest the users who know how to set correct task settings share your correct task settings. So other users can download it to use directly and also learn how to set the task correctly.

Here are some tips that you need to be care when you share your task:

1. What is the function of your task? That is to say what your task will do. It will be much better for others to learn if you can give the detailed description of each module's function you add. WhiteHatBox Coupon

2. How many accounts do you use when you run the task? The number of the accounts you use has a direct impact on the number of set in modules, so when other users are using your task, he can modify the settings according to their own situation.

3. Tag your task name when you upload your task data. When other users import your task to TAP, it will be easy for them to find the corresponding task to edit its settings.WhiteHatBox Coupon

Now, we will give you a sample:
Task Name: dm20160314
Task Function: Send DM to new followers
Run Accounts: 1 - all
Following is the steps:
1. Add a "GetContent" module, set the DM content you want to send to your followers.
2. Add a "AccountRunThread" module, select the accounts you want to do the DM operation.
3. Add a "Search" module under the "AccountRunThread" module, select "Importing a list of people"->"Use current account" option, then select "Search my followers" and "Search the newest followers" option. Now this module can search your new followers.
4. Add a "DirectMessage" module behind "Searh" module. Select "Search" module as people source and choose "Remove from data list" option. Select "GetConent" module as content source and choose "Move to the last of the data list" option because your content maybe need to be loop used.
Here is the task file click :Here 
you need to sign in the whitehatbox to download the file
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