Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Whitehatbox BotChief Image Recognition How to Make the Most of It?

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the Image Recognition action on BotChief 

Image Recognition action is to find the one on the opened window range on BotChief by screenshot, and then click the screenshot section to visit the page you need. And the photo/text inside the screenshot is usually anchor text/photo.Whitehatbox Coupon And it also can work with the common text/photo inside the screenshot, but it is meaningless to click it.

Steps about how to use this action:
1. Right click any action to add an Image Recognition action.

2. On its settings, click the Select Image button to create a screenshot on the current shown windowpane on BotChief,Botchief Coupon and then double click when you move your mouse within the screenshot, and then the screenshot you made will become below the Select image part. 
3. When you click on the Recognize test button, and you can view the max similarity level for the screenshot on current proven window.
4. Here you can custom a value for the similarity, but if the similarity you input is larger than the test result, then it means it cannot find out the screenshot on the current shown window.

5. When it matches the screenshot success, then it will click the screenshot. Here are two options you can select. The difference for them is definitely one of them can work with the debug windowpane hide.
6. Once you finished all, then you can click the Save button to save the settings. Right click this step to test it. See it jumpts to another page.

1. These parts’ value will change by the current demonstrated window’s size on BotChief. And you may ignore these settings. Botchief Coupon

 You’d do not make the screenshot end up being too big. Just focus on the main one you need

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