Monday, December 21, 2015

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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You can generate timely targeted traffic from YahooAnswers, and begin to make money immediately.

As we all know, Yahoo!Answers is the largest world’s question and answer community. You can attract targeted customers to your site and generate sales with AnswersChief. AnsweriChief can automatically handle all your Yahoo!Answers work.We have tested, AnswersChief fully,we know it can bring customers for you every day, and it can become a 24 -hour non-stopping money-making machine.

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Real-time account management protects account security.
Answer new and old questions in bulk to get targeted traffic quickly.
Submit your own questions and answer them, to generate long-term traffic.
Support for image submission to can make your answer more attractive.
You can generate traffic even you without submitting link.
Real-time,vote casting and automatic selection of the best answer, to make your account more natural and upgrade it quickly.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Email auto Send? best Software to email automation .email auto reply?EmaiSendMaster

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EmailSendMaster can Send Bulk Emails, Auto-Reply, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Deal With Bounced Emails, Create Unlimited Email Templates, Get Emails Sending/Inbox/Open Stats Etc... All You Need For Email Marketing is in EmailSendMaster!

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The spin tree function makes manual paragraph and sentence spinning extremely easy.

Manual spinnig is still needed when you want to create ultimate spun and readable articles. You must spin paragraphs and sentences if you want to create the ultimate spun article, it used to be a pain to spin huge articles in paragraph and sentence mode, the nested text always made it diffcult to find the right sentence. But now, with SpinnerChief 4's spin tree function, everything becomes clear and easy! All paragraphs and sentences are organized very well, you can locate, modify and spin them easily.

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Our thesaurus is based on Cloud technology, it is created by all SpinnerChief users and it is getting better and better every day.Over 100,000 users contribute their new synonyms to our cloud thesaurus every day; our server collects and finds the best synonyms, then adds them into the Cloud, ready for other users to access.

Our Cloud thesaurus supports more than 20 languages!Basically all main languages have been added to the cloud thesaurus now including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese (both Brazil and Portugal), Dutch, Indonesian, Greek, etc...

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SpinnerChief 4 can spin the sentence, paragraph and generate nested spun article fully automatically.

By using the latest Natural Language Analysis and Artificial Intelligence techniques, SpinnerChief 4 can understand articles and rewrite paragraphs and sentences automatically, and afterwards it can spin agin in word mode to generate nested spun articles if you need them.

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By using the latest cutting edge Statistical Replacement Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Part-Of-Speech analysis and Emulated Natural Language methods, SpinnerChief 4 can automatically create content that is close to human quality.

SpinnerChief 4 has super-advanced functions such as auto-grammar fix, for example it will correct "a apple" to "an apple," plus it can spin "I want to eat the apple, orange and banana" to "I want to eat the banana, orange and apple." We can't list all functions here, there are too many to list! - But one thing is sure, SpinnerChief 4 will give you the best rewritten article - no other spinner can do what SpinnerChief 4 does!

We know that you want more from your spinner so SpinnerChief 4 uses a new, unique, organic approach to spinning, one that grows with your needs. SpinnerChief 4's new method actually gets better the more it is used. No other spinner has it - it's the new, exclusive Statistical Replacement Technology (SRT). It works in a radical new way by selecting the statistically most appropriate synonym for any word or phrase. SRT works in a similar way to Google Translate - you may have noticed Google Translate is getting better over time with more accurate translations. This is because as the web grows, the sample size for Google Translate's database increases, and so becomes statistically more likely to use the correct wording when it translates. SpinnerChief 4 works in a similar way by polling its huge Cloud Thesaurus for the statistically best synonym. As the Cloud Thesaurus grows, so SpinnerChief 4 gets better and better at synonym replacement. Remember - it's exclusive, don't expect to see this kind of technology anywhere else. ONLY with SpinnerChief!

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Now SpinnerChief is the only spinner that has both a desktop and a web version!  The web version provides most of the functions of the Desktop version, you can both auto and manually spin in SpinnerChief Web just as you can with SpinnerChief Desktop. 

With SpinnerChief Web you can now use SpinnerChief anywhere;  now you can not only use SpinnerChief on your windows pc, but also you can also use it on your MacBook, Ipad and Android System etc. With one purchase, you can use both the Desktop and the Web Version, there is no extra fee to use the web version!

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Designed for everyone's need - We have over 100,000 users!

SpinnerChief 4 Free Version


The free version is good for basic spinning and will produce some unique content very fast.


SpinnerChief 4 Elite Version

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The Elite version is better, because it has the basic NLP, AI and grammar checker,etc that make it much easier and get better results.

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SpinnerChief 4 can not only generate hundreds of new articles in minutes for you, but also in one click it can rewrite articles to a very high level of human readability and uniqueness because it uses The Best Natural Language Analysis and Artificial Intelligence techniques to understand your articles in the same way as Google does.