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Whitehatbox BotChief Image Recognition How to Make the Most of It?

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the Image Recognition action on BotChief 

Image Recognition action is to find the one on the opened window range on BotChief by screenshot, and then click the screenshot section to visit the page you need. And the photo/text inside the screenshot is usually anchor text/photo.Whitehatbox Coupon And it also can work with the common text/photo inside the screenshot, but it is meaningless to click it.

Steps about how to use this action:
1. Right click any action to add an Image Recognition action.

2. On its settings, click the Select Image button to create a screenshot on the current shown windowpane on BotChief,Botchief Coupon and then double click when you move your mouse within the screenshot, and then the screenshot you made will become below the Select image part. 
3. When you click on the Recognize test button, and you can view the max similarity level for the screenshot on current proven window.
4. Here you can custom a value for the similarity, but if the similarity you input is larger than the test result, then it means it cannot find out the screenshot on the current shown window.

5. When it matches the screenshot success, then it will click the screenshot. Here are two options you can select. The difference for them is definitely one of them can work with the debug windowpane hide.
6. Once you finished all, then you can click the Save button to save the settings. Right click this step to test it. See it jumpts to another page.

1. These parts’ value will change by the current demonstrated window’s size on BotChief. And you may ignore these settings. Botchief Coupon

 You’d do not make the screenshot end up being too big. Just focus on the main one you need

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WhiteHatBox Software Botchief Topic How to Let Bot to Execute on a Specific Date and Time

The Topic
I've added 2 string variables for scheddate and schedtime on a form but I'm not sure how to use these string variable or some other functionality to obtain the RunWebSubmitModule to execute at the specific date and time.Copy WhiteHatBox 25% off Coupon Click to Reveal
Add a RunCSharpCode command, See the Bellow ScreenShot.WhiteHatBox Coupon

I just made a simple project with a module, a variable called "date", an action with the c# code from the other thread, WhiteHatBox Coupon a "show variable" action and passed the result into the variable and the date and time showed fine. Make sure you filled out each of the fields and included the code exactly as provided.

I'm putting the code here to make copying and pasting easy: 
using System;
namespace TestNameSpace
public class TestClass
public static string TestMethod()
return DateTime.Now.ToString();
Do not forget to complete the namespace, course and method name areas, and save the effect to the adjustable you want to buy kept in. I am hoping this can help :-)

WhiteHatBox Coupon Legit? Share WhiteHatBox hot software Tweetattackspro4 Tasks.

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Because of the wrong task settings, many users from TAP4 cannot run their task normally. Here we suggest the users who know how to set correct task settings share your correct task settings. So other users can download it to use directly and also learn how to set the task correctly.

Here are some tips that you need to be care when you share your task:

1. What is the function of your task? That is to say what your task will do. It will be much better for others to learn if you can give the detailed description of each module's function you add. WhiteHatBox Coupon

2. How many accounts do you use when you run the task? The number of the accounts you use has a direct impact on the number of set in modules, so when other users are using your task, he can modify the settings according to their own situation.

3. Tag your task name when you upload your task data. When other users import your task to TAP, it will be easy for them to find the corresponding task to edit its settings.WhiteHatBox Coupon

Now, we will give you a sample:
Task Name: dm20160314
Task Function: Send DM to new followers
Run Accounts: 1 - all
Following is the steps:
1. Add a "GetContent" module, set the DM content you want to send to your followers.
2. Add a "AccountRunThread" module, select the accounts you want to do the DM operation.
3. Add a "Search" module under the "AccountRunThread" module, select "Importing a list of people"->"Use current account" option, then select "Search my followers" and "Search the newest followers" option. Now this module can search your new followers.
4. Add a "DirectMessage" module behind "Searh" module. Select "Search" module as people source and choose "Remove from data list" option. Select "GetConent" module as content source and choose "Move to the last of the data list" option because your content maybe need to be loop used.
Here is the task file click :Here 
you need to sign in the whitehatbox to download the file
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New Way To Add Keywords To Search On FollowingLike WhiteHatBox Software

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1. Add a Account module to choose your account to run.
2. Put in a Text module to type your keyword to find user.
3. Put in a Search user module to find user.
4. Put in a Search follower module to find the user’s followers.
5. Add a follow module to find follow the user’s followers.
6. You can choose whether to include a Sleep module or certainly not.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Whitehatbox contact ways coupons and more

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to make your Twitter traffic More Than you can Imagin with Tweetattackspro

A couple of months ago I started an experiment to see if it was possible to grow my Twitter traffic & reach without doing a huge amount of work using TweetAttackspro from with Biggest off coupon for all softwares copy:

25% off coupon copy:whitehatboxcode20off

I have tried a few different approaches over that time and have fine tuned the method to require as little work as possible to get the biggest results possible.
In this tutorial I’m going to share the results with you and then show you how you can do it yourself!

What You Will Learn

  • How to increase Twitter followers
  • How to double Twitter traffic & reach
  • How to automate the entire process
  • The exact strategy I used
  • How to set it all up in less than 30 minutes

Twitter Experiment Results Reveal

To kick things off I’m going to show the results of my experiment and then we’ll move into how I did it.
The entire experiment took me less than 30 minutes to setup and since then I have not had to do any additional work.
All of the growth is happening on complete auto pilot which is just how I like to do things so I can focus my limited time elsewhere while everything is growing.
Below you can see a summary of the results before & after the experiment-
WhenFollowersReachReTweetsDaily Traffic
  • 33.59% increase in followers
  • 99.56% increase in reach
  • 196.92% increase in retweets
  • 102.73% increase in traffic
They are some very nice increases across the board for not much work!

Twitter Counter

To show you what that looks like in graph from lets take a look at what TwitterCounter has tracked.

You can quite clearly see the impact the experiment had almost immediately after starting on July 8th 2014.
You will also notice that it flat lines at the start of August – that is due to my VPS crashing and I was at Affiliate Summit, my bad.


Let’s also take a look at the stats provided by Twitonomy before and after the experiment.


Here you can see the key Twitonomy metrics before the experiment-
Take note of the reach number in the bottom right corner!


Here you can see the key Twitonomy metrics after the experiment

Google Analytics

While we are delving into the data let’s also take a look at the uplift in traffic via Google Analytics.


Here you can see the Google Analytics results for the period Jun 8th 2014 – September 6th 2014 broken down by week.

A Closer Look

We can also take a closer look at those graphs to get more clarification.
Before – 34.35 Visits Per Day Average
efore – 34.35 Visits Per Day Average
After – 69.64 Visits Per Day Average
Take note of the different scales used on the analytics graphs above. The before shot uses 0-100 while the after shot uses 0-140.

How Did I Do It?

So now you’ve seen the results of the experiment, it’s time to show you precisely how I did it so you can replicate the results!
This is exact setup I’m running-
  1. Follow anyone that uses the #SEO hashtag
  2. Unfollow anyone that doesn’t follow back within 7 days
  3. Auto tweet articles that hit the front page of
  4. Favourite tweets that contain the #SEO hashtag
  5. Auto tweet previous content from the archives
It took me less than 30 minutes to set all of that up to run on complete auto pilot day in day out while I’m doing other things.
To do that I’m using a VPS from PowerUpHosting along with the Tweet Attacks Pro 3 software.

How To Setup Tweet Attacks Pro

Tweet Attacks Pro is an automation tool for Twitter and allows you to do a bunch of different things spread across multiple accounts. You can really do some damage with the tool if you scale it.
I could have been much more aggressive with the tool however for this blog I decided to take it easy with some strict settings to grow things slowly and steadily.
It is easy to go overboard with automation software like TweetAttacks Pro so you need to show some discipline and restraint when you use it.
I’m using the cheapest version of Tweet Attacks Pro that allows you to work with a single Twitter account.

Step 1 – Setup Your Twitter Acccount

The first thing you need to do in TweetAttacks Pro is add your Twitter account(s) to the software.
This is easy to do, just click on Add Account
add account to Tweet Attacks Pro
Then follow the onscreen instructions and enter your username and password. Once done Tweet Attacks Pro will pull in relevant data for your account from Twitter.

Step 2 – Setting Up The Main Task

Now we can move straight into setting up our main task. Each ‘task’ can have multiple things running.
In the main task we are going to setup-
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Auto tweeting
  • Auto favourites
To do that just click on the Task(s) Manager tab along the top of the software and then Create Task.
Create TweetAttacks Pro task
Once you have done that you will see a screen like the below.
In this screen we need to setup our basic settings that will govern all of the tasks we setup.
Feel free to copy the settings I have used here-
basic settings
With the basic settings setup we can now move onto to setting up the following, tweeting & favourites etc.

Setting Up Auto Follow

When you click on the Follow tab you will be given a whole host of options to choose from. The idea here is to follow relevant people in the hope that they follow you back.
First of all I set the task to only run between 9am and 6pm so it looks natural as if an employee is doing it during working hours.
You can choose to find people to follow through a variety of means such as keyword search, hash tag search, importing users or an advanced search.
If you wanted to follow all of the people that mention someone like John Chow for example you could use the advanced search to find tweets mentioning @johnchow.
However I chose to find people to follow that were using the #SEO hash tag.
TweetAttacks follow settings
As you can see there are lots of options for you to choose from so take a look at each of them and work out what is best for you.
Again – feel free to just copy the settings I have used. You could go much more aggressive than that but I decide to limit how many people I follow with decent time delays.

Setting Up Auto Unfollow

Now we have a task set up to follow people that are relevant to our website, we need to setup a task to unfollow those that don’t follow us back.
So jump over to the unfollow tab and take a look at the settings, again I have it setup to only run during working hours.
unfollow settings
In essence it automatically unfollows anyone that hasn’t followed back after 7 days. It is setup to only unfollow people that have been followed with the program in the first place.

Setting Up Auto Tweeting

To help grow engagement with my Twitter profile I wanted to automate the tweeting of high quality relevant content from the internet marketing niche.
Not only would this help grow engagement but it would also help to build relationships with people as I share their content with my followers.
The problem was finding a source of high quality content that I could trust to auto tweet out. I took a look at, & that aggregate internet marketing content from around the web.
I decided to take advantage of the RSS feed that provides of all the best content that gets voted to the front page by the community. That way I could be 100% confident it was high quality & relevant as it had been voted up by the community.
So with the RSS URL in hand I jumped over to the Tweet tab in Tweet Attacks Pro
tweet settings
Here I set it up to tweet out the title of the content along with the URL with a maximum of 1 tweet per hour limited to 10 per day.
Again this was setup to only run during the 9am-6pm ‘working hours’ of my social media employee bot.

Setting Up Auto Favourite

The last section we need to setup for our main task is the auto favourite.
In essence what this does is automatically favourite tweets that match your search criteria – it is pretty simple.
But where the magic happens here is by default when one of your Tweets gets favourited, you get sent an email-
tweet favourite
This will prompt people to check out who favorited their tweet and if your lucky – follow you!
So jump over to the Favorite tab in Tweet Attacks Pro and set it up how you desire. I set it up to purely favourite tweets that used the #SEO hashtag.
favourite settings
As you can see there are a range of options to choose from but I kept everything simple!

Step 3 – Auto Tweeting Your Content

Now we have the main task setup to auto follow, unfollow, tweet popular content and favourite relevant tweets we want to setup a separate task dedicated to driving traffic to our site.
To do that we need to-
  1. Get a list of URLs we want to promote
  2. Scrape the titles of the posts
  3. Create a text file of unique tweets
There is a little bit more work required here but bear with me and I’ll show you how to do it quickly. It is also worth noting that Tweet Attacks Pro accepts spun content which you can create with any popular article spinner software.

Getting A List Of URLs

If you are running WordPress then it’s likely you have an XML sitemap. Personally I run the Yoast SEO plugin which creates multiple sitemaps.
I just loaded up the posts sitemap in my browser and copied it into excel.
Then I removed the extra columns so I was just left with a list of URLs – I went through this and deleted any that I felt were irrelevant or not suitable to tweet out.

Looking Up The Titles

With the list of URL’s I want to auto tweet out loaded in Excel I took advantage of the amazing SEO Tools for Excel plugin.
It is 100% free and allows you to do some pretty cool things which you should explore but for the purpose of this experiment we just want to look up the titles for our list of URLs.
Just use the HTMLTitle function to do that!

Spinning In Hash Tags

Then I went through each of the titles and spun in hashtags against relevant words. For example-
How To Index Your Backlinks Easily – Revealing My Case Study Results
{#|}How To Index Your {#|}Backlinks Easily – Revealing My Case Study Results
That would randomly add a hashtag to the words ‘How’ and ‘Backlinks’ when it was Tweeted out.
At this point my spreadsheet looks like this with a list of URL’s and titles spinning in hashtags at random-

Spinning A Prefix

To help make the Tweets even more unique and random I decided to quickly spin in a prefix to every tweet.
The idea is the final tweet would come out with a structure like this-
*prefix* *title* *url*
So I spent 30 seconds writing and spinning the prefix that would be attatched to the start of every Tweet that goes out.
This is the prefix I created-
{{Throwback|Throw back}{ post| tutorial| guide|}:|{Archive|{Previously|Earlier}}:}
If you load that into The best spinner software you can see how it works.

Putting It All Together

So now we have a list of spun prefixes (column A), titles with hash tags spun in at random (column B) and URLs (column C).
Now all we need to do is put all of that together to come up with our final list of tweets to import into Tweet Attacks Pro to post.
So in column D of the spreadsheet I just wrote the following formula-
Which created a list of the final tweets, for example-
{{Throwback|Throw back}{ post| tutorial| guide|}:|{Archive|{Previously|Earlier}}:} Update #3: {#|}Ahrefs vs Majestic SEO – The 1 Million {#|}Domain Showdown
Here is what the final spreadsheet of tweets looks like-
Then all I did is highlight all of column D with the final tweet constructed and copy it into a txt notepad file with each tweet on its own line.
You can download my spreadsheet template along with the final tweet file for reference by sharing the page below.
So with a list of spun Tweets created we can now go about loading them into Tweet Attacks Pro and scheduling them to go out.

Importing The Tweets

In Tweet Attacks Pro move to the Message Manager tab and then click on Add Message Category and name it whatever you want – mine is called Blog Promo.
Then click on that category/folder in the left pane and click on Add Message and give the set of messages a name – mine are called Blog Posts.
Once you have done that click on the name you entered for the set of messages in the left pane and click on Import and select the txt file containing your tweets.

Scheduling The Tweets

Once you have imported your tweets into the message manager we need to setup a separate task dedicated to tweeting them out.
To do that jump back to the Task(s) Manager tab and click on Create Task.
Like the last time we created a task we must first setup the basic settings as follows-
Once you have set those up you can jump across to the Tweet tab which we will use to tweet out all of the messages we have just imported.
Last time we used this screen to auto tweet messages from an RSS feed but this time we are going to set things up a little differently.
First of all click on Basic Tweet then click on Select Message and select your group of messages – in my case they were called Blog Posts.
You can see the exact settings I used in the screenshot above. Take note that I have shorten URL enabled and restricted it to a maximum of 1 per hour upto a total of 6 per day.
Once you have done that just hit Save!

Step 4 – Starting The Tasks

So at this point we have 2 tasks setup. The first one takes care of auto following/unfollowing, tweeting out popular content and auto favouriting relevant tweets.
The second task is purely focused on tweeting out our posts using spun prefixes at random hashtags.
Now all we need to do is start the tasks!
So to do that just click on Check all tasks and then click on Run checked tasks at the top.
You are given the option to run the tasks one time, run them until you stop them or run them until a specific date. Personally I always choose run them until I stop them manually.
As soon as you hit OK Tweets Attacks Pro will do its thing and you will see your tasks turn green.
And that is all there is to it!
Tweet Attacks Pro will now auto following/unfollow, tweet out popular content, auto favourite relevant tweets and tweet out your old content on complete auto pilot.
After it has been running for an hour or two check out your Twitter profile and make sure everything is running smoothly.
If it is – you are done. Now you can just leave this running all day every day to do the heavy lifting while you focus your time elsewhere.

Wrapping It Up

So there you have it – how to increase your Twitter traffic, reach, followers and retweets on complete auto pilot.
I just leave Tweet Attacks Pro running on my VPS 24/7 and it automatically gets to work at 9am every morning. It is never late and never phones in sick – it just does what it you tell it to do!
Just to recap on the results leaving this running for a total of 7 weeks resulted in-
  • 33.59% increase in followers
  • 99.56% increase in reach
  • 196.92% increase in retweets
  • 102.73% increase in traffic
Not bad for a total cost of $67 and 30 minutes of my time setting everything up. All I do now is spot check that everything is working properly every couple of weeks.
So while Tweet Attacks Pro does all of the hard work I can focus on creating more content and setting up more experiments for you all!
the 30% discount for all whitehatbox softwares: Whitehatboxcode30
Click Here for Youtube and forums of Tweetattackspro4 (register free to watch)
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